Brightfuls grundare Fatime Nedzipovska

“Just being who you are is more than enough to be able to give something to someone else.”

When Fatime Nedzipovska came into contact with young people who had no aspirations and hope for the future, it got her thinking. At the same time, she was learning about social entrepreneurship—a means of solving social problems with innovative and sustainable solutions. The combination of these led to the creation of Brightful—an organisation that coaches young people in Malmö.


What type of work does Brightful do?

“We organise workshops for secondary school students, together with mentors who are university students and involved in the workforce in different parts of the city. During these workshops, we collaborate with different companies and organisations, and emphasise that everyone has endless possibilities and that they need to dare to believe in the future. The mentors also act as coaches and follow up with the young people in smaller groups to talk further about the various topics.”


What is unique about Brightful?

“The unique thing about us is that everyone involved in the project comes from different backgrounds, countries, different parts of the city, and that they all want to do different things. In this diversity we can see how many different paths there are to choose from.”


Why did you decide to get involved in this particular issue?

“I’m aware that many young people, no matter where they live, lack motivation, and more than anything, lack role models in the same city as them. With very simple means we can change the way they see their future, and that’s what we do at Brightful!

There’s also a lot of interest amongst young people between 20 and 30 in contributing to society and helping out! I think a lot of people turn to us because the mentors come as they are and share their own stories—just being who you are is more than enough to be able to give something to someone else.”


What advice do you have for other people who’d like to get involved?

“Try out as many things as possible to find out what interests you the most. In doing so, you’ll find out what particular issues are close to your heart. Sometimes it’s not enough to know what interests you because you also need to know how to get involved. Maybe you want to project manage a campaign or work with creative marketing? Take the opportunity to combine several of your interests, because that will make it more fun.

For me it’s the combination that’s the most important, to actively try to find out what you’re passionate about and also try to find a fun way of working with that issue. If you can do that, then I think you’ll be able to keep at it for a long time.”

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