When Naim Zeneli got involved in a summer project for unaccompanied minors, he discovered that many of the young people didn’t know anyone outside of their home. That’s something Naim wanted to change. With the support of the foundation Reach for Change he was able to make his idea a reality, and today he runs Forza Ungdom in Helsingborg.


In what way does Forza Ungdom help unaccompanied young people?

“Forza Ungdom provides support and validity to unaccompanied minors by creating a network of responsible adults, peers, and friends. We work proactively to help provide the unaccompanied minors with a good introduction to Sweden.”

What type of work do you do?

“We work both with group gatherings several times a week and individual coaching sessions one on one. The sessions aim to help the young people understand how life works in Sweden; what opportunities there are, how to find friends, what hobbies and activities are available, information about studies and/or work, etc. We base the information on each person’s individual needs, and help them in ways that are suitable to their situation.”

What drives you in your work with Forza Ungdom?

“When I see young people we’re working with willing to engage, and when I see positive change.”

What advice do you normally give to a person who is new to Sweden?

“To be curious, ask a lot of questions, dare to take up space, and most of all: dare to make mistakes and say the wrong thing.”

If you also want to see positive change and think that Forza Ungdom’s work sounds exciting, you can apply to become a volunteer through the volunteer agency or notify Forza Ungdom directly that you’d like to become a youth coach. 

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