Göteborgs Räddningsmission is buzzing with activity and energy. There’s loads to do here, both for people that are new in Sweden and for those who’ve lived here a long time. We were able to sit down for a chat with Jenny Axebrink who works as project manager.

What type of work does Räddningsmissionen offer new arrivals?

“We have different types of activities. Amongst others, we have a youth group for new arrivals, open house and language training groups. Together with the Svenska Kyrkan in Bergsjön (Bergsjön Church of Sweden), we offer music classes to children who are in introductory school for new arrivals.”

Jenny’s one of nine people working with new arrivals at Göteborgs Räddningsmission. She also has the help of another 10 volunteers. Each week they meet around 50 new arrivals. I ask Jenny what motivates her in her work with these issues. “Making sure that people who come to Sweden are given the opportunity to build a good life here. We all need to help in order to make sure this is possible. There’s also a fair amount of frustration over how people are treated, and over the seemingly hopeless situations some people find themselves in, and that also motivates me. It’s also fantastic to be able to meet so many interesting people through my job, people who are smart and resourceful, and be part of helping them build a new life in Sweden.”

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