After long and dangerous journeys, Ali, Reza, Mortaza, Aster, Hanna, Amin, and Hadi arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied children. Some are allowed to stay, others aren’t. In the prize-winning series produced by UR (the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company) we get to follow 7 young people who have left everything.

UR and producer Sofia Eriksson talk about the series Unaccompanied Minors.

“We wanted to give the children who are quickly flashed in front of us on the news a voice of their own. Who are they? We wanted to hear their stories and understand their situation and their reality. The series depicts several young people’s lives, since all of their destinies and stories are different. The series covers their journeys, their grief, their worry, their memories, and the dangers. It also tells of their hopes, friendships, compassion, and their faith in the future.”

UR and “Hello Sweden!” work together, and we recommend that you also use this series as part of the campaign material.

The series has won the Red Cross Journalism Award, read about it here

Watch “Unaccompanied Minors” at
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