Through the “Hello Sweden” campaign, Friends and UNHCR aim to provide support, tools and inspiration for you who are working at school, both in your work with the central educational targets in LGR 11 and with the school’s ongoing work with democracy and shared values. Our material draws from unaccompanied refugee children’s stories, and raises questions about identity, being the new person, prejudice, security, and human rights.

On this website you can find more information about migration and why people flee. You are able to download our teaching material and stream the film Shadi here. You can also order our comic book for Year 8 completely free of charge. The campaign is aimed at Sweden’s Year 8.

This coming fall we will host a number of seminars and workshops in order for you as a teacher to gain more in-depth insight into how you can work against racism and xenophobia in school.

Read more about the content of the campaign here

Now you can also order our new training based on a self-reflective lecture and with an optional workshop. The education is directed towards school staff and is based on the experiences from the project where a third of Sweden’s secondary schools have used our material.


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