Here you can see the short film Shadi, about separation and longing by Zanyar Adami.

The film is about a Kurdish girl who is sent to Sweden alone, and her longing for her mother and her personal courage in adjusting to a new world. We hope that the film touches people’s hearts and increases their understanding when it comes to the difficulties that a child’s separation fromhis/her parents entails.

Zanyar Adami (born 1981) is a film producer and lecturer who has experienced having to flee by himself as a child. Zanyar has a background in journalism and as an author and lecturer. Amongst other things he founded and worked as editor-in-chief at the publication Gringo, which was awarded the Stora Journalistpriset (Swedish Grand Prize of Journalism ). In 2011, Zanyar debuted as a film director with the documentary film Gerillasonen. The film has been sold to 6 TV-stations and has won awards at several festivals around the world.

”It’s a huge honour to have the opportunity to reach the world’s most important group of people with a story that I hope will move them, and change attitudes towards unaccompanied refugee children.”

The film is accompanied by teaching material addressing in depth topics such as new beginnings, separation, identity, and longing.

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