Here you can download the comic book We Shall Meet Again, Sanam. The comic book is already available for teachers to order free of charge. The comic book will also be accompanied by additional teaching material addressing topics such as being forced to flee one’s country, children’s rights, identity, and integration.

The comic book We Shall Meet Again, Sanam , depicts the long and dangerous journey undertaken by a 14-year-old boy, fleeing to Sweden alone, all the way from Afghanistan.

The story is written by Oskar Ekman and illustrated by Peter Bergting. The author Oskar Ekman has conducted interviews with the project’s reference group of young people who have experience coming to Sweden alone. The comic book draws from their real-life stories, as well as the report Voices of Afghan Children—interviews UNHCR has conducted with 42 young people who have fled Afghanistan and come to Sweden alone.


Oskar Ekman (born 1975) is a journalist and author, and worked for many years as managing editor for the magazine Kamratposten. For the past couple of years he has been freelancing, focusing particularly on society and culture. Amongst other things, Oskar writes scripts for the popular youth series Bleckmossen. He holds lectures about being a writer and organises media workshops at schools around the country.

”Is this comic book true? No, not in the sense that the main character Hamid is a real person. However, there are many people who have experienced similar, and far worse, things whilst fleeing. I have strived to make sure the all the details in the story are correct: facts, places, refugee routes and so on. Several young people who have fled themselves have read the script and said that they think the story is very accurate. As an author that makes me happy, but as a human being it makes me extremely sad.

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