Our theatre performance has offered a tailored monologue performance with an accompanying lecture.During the 2013-2014 school year we have visited 170 schools and met 16000 students across Sweden.

The theatre production is aimed at Year 8 students and covers themes concerning alienation, identity in school, separation, longing, baggage, being the new person, having dual-nationality and multiple cultural identities, as well as the basic need every child has to be themselves, no matter what their background.

What is the play and lecture about?

The theatre production “Personnummer XXXX”

“- What the hell are you smiling about?

I hadn’t even realized I was smiling, I sort of had forgotten what a smile was… I don’t even remember why he did it, but I remember how I heard the sound of teeth crushing. I felt small sharp pieces on my tongue and in my throat, and I remember the scared looks from the others. I remember looking far out to sea and I remember thinking, I have to hold on a little bit longer…”

“That’s what it was like in the old country, where you weren’t allowed to say anything or think anything because then your were fined or jailed.”

Memories from the old country are mixed with new challenges at a Swedish schoolyard. A personal identity number makes you a proper human being in Sweden, what will be the four last digits? The theatre is a monologue where a young person fleeing a country from war and persecution ends up in a new country with different challenges and oppression. A short play about identity, struggle, friendship and separation. The performance is accompanied by a short inspirational lecture that further deepens the themes of the play and ties it together with everyone’s right to a safe and equal school.

Presentation of the play’s scriptwriter and director Shebly Niavarani

Shebly Niavarani, born in Tehran, Iran, is an actor connected to the Stockholm City Theatre (Stockholms Stadsteater) ensemble. Niavarani has performed in many major plays at Stockholm City Theatre: he’s played one of the lead roles in The Jungle Book and performed in The Winterling by Jez Butterworth, Invasion by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Alla mina söner, Guantanamo, and War and Peace. Shebly has also performed in several movies and series such as Wallander—Afrikanen, Ett öga rött, Ciao Bella and played the lead role in an episode of Fallet on SVT (Swedish Public Service Television). Niavarani has even directed short films and was awarded the Gösta Prüzelius scholarship in 2009.
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