In this unique project Friends and UNHCR retell unaccompanied refugee children’s stories and convey their experiences as they encounter the Swedish school system. The aim of the campaign is to change negative attitudes, combat prejudice, and increase understanding for people’s differences.

The campaign offers secondary schools free material about prejudice, longing, separation and the search for identity when immersed in a new environment — themes that all students can identify with. Other topics that will be covered are every child’s right to a safe and secure school environment irrespective of their background and past.

Free Comic Book, Film and Theatre Performance for Secondary Schools

The material raises existential questions about being new in a group setting, feeling different, and about the right to social belonging. The comic book “We shall meet again, Sanam” depicts the long and dangerous journey undertaken by a 14-year-old boy, fleeing to Sweden alone, all the way from Afghanistan. The film “Shadi” tells the story of a girl separated from her mother, and the memories that are replayed in her mind as she struggles to start a new life on her own in Sweden.

Teaching Material and Creative Competition

In order to clearly link the campaign material to the goals listed in the curriculum, and make the material adaptable to individual schools’ needs, we have worked closely with a focus group of teachers and principals who assisted us with the Teacher’s Handbook and exercise material. If you use the campaign material you’ll be working with LGR 11 and the school’s democracy assignment.

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