Friends aim is a society where young children and adolescents grow up secure and are treated equally.

Friends is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of  bullying. This is pursued through education, training, counselling, and public advocacy.

We currently have 40 employees with varying backgrounds, as well as extensive experience in working with children and young adults. Our backgrounds include experience as educators, teachers, sports trainers, behavioral scientists, and similar professions. Friends is located across Sweden in four regional offices. We have worked together with over 1500 schools since we began the organisation in 1997.

Our activities are financed by donations from private individuals and companies, as well as through honorariums received for the education and training programmes we conduct. Friends has a so-called 90-account and is controlled by Svensk Insamlingskontroll (The Swedish Foundation for Fundraising Control). The “Hello Sweden” campaign is financed solely through grants from the Swedish Post Code Lottery.

What does Friends do?

Friends educates and supports schools and sports clubs throughout Sweden. Friends uses a long-term preventative approach involving all those involved in the child’s life: staff, parents and guardians, and other children and young people.

Friends trainings draw from the latest research in school systems and structures, norms and group processes, as well as the current laws relating to the education system. We do not offer quick fix solutions because we don’t believe that any universal method that suit all situations exists. Bullying is a complicated phenomenon and there is no quick, simple method that will produce long-term change where there are destructive structures in place creating inclusion and exclusion of individuals. Instead, Friends offers tools and a long-term approach that draws from research and our own experience working in pre-schools, schools, and sports clubs.


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